Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Ten Goals

Here's my official update on the ten goals I set last summer:

1) I did have a vegetable garden. I grew bush and pole beans, three different kinds of peas, and cherry tomatoes. It was small but lovely. The weather didn't really get very hot for any length of time, so the tomatoes disappointed me a little bit. This year, I will plant different things!

2) I did NOT learn Yoga. I did bring my MS Yoga book to CO, but time just didn't lend itself to it. I still want to take on that challenge, especially now that summer is approaching once again.

3) I did, indeed, crank up the air conditioning any time I darned well felt like it. There weren't very many super hot days, but anytime I felt uncomfortable I just turned it on. No explanation to anyone. Just turned it on. So there.

4) I did not learn to make Lucy food. Still wanna. I am hoping she will be visiting in about 2 months for a couple of days or so, and I intend to strap her in the kitchen with me for a tutorial. I'll be taking notes--and maybe some video!

5) We all DID pack in the car, the 7 of us, and visit the Spokanites for Benen's birthday in July! We spent a few days with Angela's family (what's left of it!) at Black Lake, which was heavenly. Peter got over his fear of water, Rose verified that she is a daredevil and is NOT afraid of the water, and the other kids had a good time with their cousins. Catherine wants to live there! I can see her living in and amongst the wilderness someday.

6) I did not attend Mass regularly on days other than Sunday. I just......didn't. Yet another thing I'm planning on doing this summer. The big kids are so much more accountable and capable as babysitters, so I have few good excuses.

7) Although I failed at teaching the kids some Latin during the summer, when the chance came for the big kids to take it at school for 11 weeks, I jumped! They didn't learn much, but even the exposure was educational.

8) I DID make weekly dinner menus. Most of the time, we actually used them, too. I made sure to have the kids' lists of dinner they like on the refrigerator, so when there was an awkward day we could shift plans easily. I am still doing it--for the most part!

9) I did not read a novel last summer. I think this disappoints me more than any other unfulfilled goal.

10) I DID train the kids to do more housework. With the start of school, I realized that there is NO WAY we can continue the same level of kid participation in housework. Too much school work. There are no assigned, regular jobs...which is a bad idea. Even the "your job is to take out the garbage EVERY DAY" commands/follow-through is better than nothing. I'll work on that. Hard.

Not TOO bad, right? All ten things I originally chose are things that can be ongoing, and I plan on trying again! How did YOUR summer goals go?


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  2. Wow, that is impressive! I remember commenting on your goal post (haha... goalpost) last spring. I just went back to review what I wrote. Yikes... talk about lack of follow through. Here's what happened to my list:

    1. Exercise more..... didn't happen
    2. eat out less and cook more..... didn't happen
    3. Take Stevie to Canada..... We went to Victoria and Stevie LOVED it!
    4. lower stress.....sort of better
    5. go kayaking.... didn't happen
    6. help Stevie with reading...he just exploded in this area. It was wonderful! The lighbulb finally clicked for him and he discovered how awesome reading can be.

    Well, actually 2 out of 6 isn't bad for me.

    Anyway, great post! I'm looking forward to seeing what you accomplish this summer :-)

  3. The "no more excuses" comment was from me by the way. However, I finally figured how to change the google profile so that my name shows up, so I redid the post with my name.

    1. Lisa, I am AT LEAST as excited as you are to see what I will do this summer! I noticed that your 2 achievements involved your son...which I would call a definite PLUS. Wouldn't you?

  4. Mara - well done. I didn't even make a list last summer. You are miles ahead of me. This summer you can read a novel. Put that first on your list!