Saturday, May 28, 2011

Here Comes The Sun

"What is that big, bright globe in the sky???"  My sister is funny.  That's her joke about life in the Pacific Northwest...and it's SO TRUE.  When it's sunny, WOW!  It's a to-die-for beautiful brightness.  It makes the chartreuse foliage outside gleam, and our home's interior becomes illuminated with cheer.  HOWEVER, now that my MS has decided after 15 years of secrecy to rear its ugly head (and it is SOOOOOO ugly), the sun has taken on a different role in my life: antagonist.  When it's hot, I'm practically an invalid.  A sufficient description of how it feels is my energy is liquid and the heat drains it like a thirsty wick.  How's that?  Never fear, folks.  That's why God allowed man to invent a wonderful piece of machinery called the air conditioner.  I doubt there is anything more luxurious and life-saving to me than that machine.  I have one biggie for the living room and one midget for my bedroom.  Joe has to learn to go to sleep in a cold summer bedroom, but he gladly sacrifices!  Ah, frigidity.....temperature, that is.....

Now, the sun also brings with it the joys of summer...swimming pools for the kids, vegetables in the garden, flowers all around, and a general sense of well-being.  Plus, NO SCHOOL--YAY!!!  I don't know if the kids or I am happier about that part. 

So, while all y'all are praising the sun and living it up outdoors this summer, remember me.  I'm the one who's watching from the sidelines, happy to be a part of the fun in her own way.