Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Really Over!

The school year has ended.  Hip hip HORRAY!!!!!  No more prepackaged food for lunches, no more last-minute uniform cleaning/drying, no more bellowing for "someone" to run out the door and into the car (which is slowly driving away), no more late nights with a term paper...until September, that is!

 Here is my announcement:  I decided that this summer will be MY summer.  Last summer sucked, for lack of a better word.  This summer, I have ten goals.  I will have a vegetable garden (it's growing as I type!).  I will learn yoga (I'm taking my "Yoga for MS" book to the Greene Sibling Reunion this week to learn!).  I will crank the air conditioning unit up as far as I want in the living room and hole up in there on a hot day if I feel like it.  I will learn how to make "Lucy food" (food my sister, Lucy, makes that is very healthy and filling).  I will visit my family in Spokane and make the drive to and fro enjoyable for all seven of us.  I will plan to attend mass at least once a week on a weekday, in addition to Sunday.  I will teach the three big kids some Latin, relearning along the way.  I will plan our nightly dinners a week ahead of time instead of staring blankly at the refrigerator/pantry shelving.  I will read an entire novel of classic literature (Angela: which one should I choose???).  Lastly, I will train my kids to clean each part of the house, so that when school begins again I don't have to do anything more than point and command.

THERE.  It's been immortalized!  Ten goals for the next 2 1/2 months.  I'll post my progress here for your amusement.  Either you'll praise me for my self discipline or reprimand me for my lack of it!

We bought a Dell laptop last week.  It's groovy.  I'm using it now...with a red wireless mouse.  It takes some getting used to, but I know it will help me.  I often don't go on the big computer because it is out of visual range of the little kids, it is not portable, it is not comfortable to sit at, etc., etc.  This sucker can be moved around!  LOVE it.  Really.  It is actually more for Edward and Catherine next year than for me, but I think I can worm my way into possessing it this summer.

I would love to read what my (few) readers are planning to accomplish this summer.  Won't you comment?